Barcelona beaches reach capacity despite ‘stay home’ calls

Barcelona's beaches reached capacity over the weekend - Getty
Barcelona’s beaches reached capacity over the weekend – Getty


Beaches in Barcelona reached capacity over the weekend, despite pleas from local authorities for people to stay at home as Covid-19 cases rose in the region.

Earlier on Sunday, authorities urged 96,000 residents of three Catalan towns to stay at home, as part of a tightening of Covid-19 restrictions. This came after residents in Barcelona were on Friday advised to leave their home only for essential trips.

However, thousands ignored the stay-at-home calls. Barceloneta beach, a favourite among tourists, reached capacity on Sunday and had to be closed as bathers queued up to access the beach.

Spain emerged from a nationwide lockdown on June 21, and UK tourists can now visit without needing to go into quarantine.

The latest figures from Catalonia’s regional health ministry show a daily increase of 944 cases, although the stay-at-home instructions stop short of a

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