New York State trooper rescues woman from house fire

Beverly Guynn, 76, lost everything in a fire last month, but she survived thanks to the heroic actions of a New York State trooper.

MACHIAS, N.Y. — By the time Beverly Guynn, 76, realized there was a fire inside her home along State Route 16 in Machias last month, it was too late for her to escape.

“The smoke was so thick,” she told 2 On Your Side via cell phone video chat from a hospital nursing home facility, where she has been receiving rehab treatment.

She believes the fire may have started under her dryer. While Guynn was able to call 911, she couldn’t get out of the house in her wheelchair.

“The house is filled with smoke,” said Trooper James O’Callaghan, spokesperson for the New York State Police. “You obviously know it’s on fire… but you can’t see to get out.”

While Guynn waited for help, it just

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Erin and Ben Napier Reveal the Most In-Demand Design Today

On “Home Town,” Erin and Ben Napier have renovated homes in a variety of styles, but probably the most popular of them lately is midcentury modern. And in the latest episode, they take on what Erin calls “the most midcentury house we’ve ever worked on.”

In “Clean Lines, Open Spaces,” Erin and Ben help their client Jeff Moffett buy a home in Laurel, MS, for $110,000. Built in 1960, the house already has a midcentury feel, but it’s up to the Napiers to enhance these features without making the home feel dated—all with a renovation budget of $90,000.

Here’s how Ben and Erin pull it off, which might inspire some similar upgrades around your own home, too.

Paint a house black for major midcentury vibes

This house needs some new paint to get a modern look.


When Moffett first sees this house, he’s not impressed. And unfortunately,

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