Senate GOP Down One for Stimulus ‘Vote-a-Rama’ as Dan Sullivan Returns Home for Funeral

Alaskan Republican Senator Dan Sullivan has left Washington D.C. for a funeral as the Senate votes on potential amendments to the coronavirus relief package.

Sullivan’s return to his home state is due to the funeral of his father-in-law, which is being held in Fairbanks, according to The Hill.

“Senator Sullivan intended to vote against final passage of the bill and made his opposition clear in a statement on Thursday, after his vote against the motion to proceed with consideration of the bill,” Sullivan spokesperson Nate Adams told The Hill.

Sullivan’s trip back home falls during the “vote-a-rama” session before the final vote on President Joe Biden‘s American Rescue Act. “Vote-a-rama” is a session where senators can propose amendments to the relief package, which need only a simple majority vote to be added.

On Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders used this process to propose a $15 per hour minimum

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