BASKING RIDGE, NJ — When times are tough, heroes emerge. We all know someone who’s making a difference right now as we live through unprecedented times. Here at Patch, we’ve launched an initiative to help recognize these everyday heroes.

This submission comes from Mike Rubinfeld of Basking Ridge, who nominated his wife Linda Beldring Rubinfeld of Basking Ridge:

Is the nominee considered an “essential worker”?:

What does the nominee do for work?:
Co-Manager of Bethel Ridge group home

Why do you believe the nominee should be recognized or honored?
She has continuously provided excellent supervision/service to disabled residents of the group home, encouraging them to be their best and as independent as possible. She has put in extra shifts, including overnights when short-staffed, and is loved by each of the six residents. All this despite the fear of COVID-19; thankfully she tested negative about a week ago. And most importantly, the group home has remained virus-free so far! This fact is especially wonderful considering the disaster overtaking long-term facilities in this state. My wife has persisted despite a generally stressful job made much more fearful by the coronavirus.

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about your hero?:
Her generosity and kindness toward the residents (for 20 years), together with her steadfast work despite the danger of serious illness.

Thank you for all you do, Linda!

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