Why you should wait until the Coronavirus is gone to sell your house

Should You Buy a House During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Having a house is an important asset and can come in handy in many ways. It could be the current house we are resident, a vacation home, a home we have rented out to other people among others, or a home we built with the hope to sell when the stakes are high. However, the year 2020 has been a very bad one for most people with the advent of coronavirus. Several people have been forced to make some decisions that they didn’t envisage they would ever have to make.

As a homeowner, you might be considering the chances of selling your home if you should see someone who would be interested in buying the house. While this could easily be a good idea, it would depend on if you need the money or not. If you are one of the people that have lost their means of livelihood … Read More

Americans shifting travel and commuting budgets to home repairs during pandemic

There’s no place like home in 2020 – and Americans who are spending more time in the house continue to invest in their living spaces during the pandemic.

The average household spending on home services such as maintenance, landscaping and cleaning projects jumped to $13,138, up from $9,081 on average in 2020, according to a new State of Home Spending: 2020 report by HomeAdvisor, a marketplace that lets people find and vet home service professionals.

Home improvement spending amounted to an average of $8,305, while home maintenance spending totaled $3,192 and spending on at-home emergency projects like leaking pipes or flooding came to $1,640, the survey suggests. The average homeowner also upped their home projects to 11 this year, up from 8.1 in 2019 — a 23% increase.

The average household spending on home services such as maintenance, landscaping and cleaning projects jumped to $13,138, up from $9,081 on average in 2020. (iStock).

The average household spending on home services such as maintenance, landscaping and cleaning projects jumped to $13,138, up from $9,081 on average

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How Much You Take Home from the Average Salary in Each State

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Naples Art & Design Expo opens Nov. 19

The delayed Naples Art & Design Expo opens Thursday, Nov. 19, a double-hinged door to the importance of its L-shaped neighborhood behind Naples Boulevard: 

  • There is a vendor or manufacturer for nearly every aspect of home design — upholstery, stone,  furniture, draperies and cabinetry — inside the busy buildings in the boxy district behind Naples Boulevard.  
  • Similarly, the art studios that nestle against the design trade businesses hold everything from glass sculpture to classical portraits to small ceramics, dyed fabrics and wall-gulping abstracts.

With the same ingenuity that married peanut butter and chocolate into a candy bar, commerce and art have collaborated for three days of open houses and demonstrations. Their mission: To bring people a sense of the entire aesthetic of home design. Two specific workshops on Friday, Nov. 20, demonstrate ways of pairing art and furnishings (see information box for times locations and free registration instructions). 

Small art

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Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar still touting baseless election-fraud claims

Arizona’s two most conservative members of Congress continued Tuesday to baselessly claim the presidential election was stolen for Democrat Joe Biden in swing states across the country, though they were slightly more measured in their critique of their home state.

Republican Reps. Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar are among the most outspoken voices on Capitol Hill still claiming fraud two weeks after voting ended and President Donald Trump lost by more than 5 million votes and lost the electoral college by the same margin he won by four years ago. 

Aided by a video from the Arizona Republican Party that touts misleading and debunked allegations in other states, Biggs and Gosar continued to push for a complete audit of Maricopa County’s tabulations and said — falsely — other states included widespread votes from the dead and machine glitches intended to steal the election.

Election officials across the country have brushed

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