Google Faces Antitrust Investigation From Its Home State, California

Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL) Google is facing a new antitrust investigation that has been launched by the State of California. 

In a report by Politico on July 9, California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra decided to pursue an investigation after repeatedly choosing not to pursue the tech giant after being pressed to do so in light of other state investigations into Google that were launched last year.

California Attorney General’s Office Spokesperson Sarah Lovenheim said to Gizmodo, on July 10, “To protect the integrity of our work, it’s our practice not to comment on any pending or potential investigation, even to confirm or deny their existence.” Google also would not comment on the investigation.

Shares in Google were up 1% at market close on Friday at $1,539.01 per share.

California’s choice to withhold investigations on Google is noteworthy because the state is known for having a large staff of antitrust

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Small Space, Big Style – Shavonda Gardner’s California Home

Influencer and designer Shavonda Gardner is a believer in slow, sustainable design. “Curating a home is a marathon, not a sprint,” is a mantra Shavonda repeats often to her followers and clients, but it’s also how she approaches her own home.

Shavonda and her wife, Naomi, were living in a basic builder house in Sacramento, California when they decided to trade their cookie-cutter home for a smaller place with old-school charm across town. The couple and their two children, Michael and Bryanna, downsized from a 2,400-square-foot house to a 1,200-square-foot cottage.

To make the two-bedroom home work for their family of four, Shavonda and Naomi took what had been the den and made it into their bedroom, and they gave the kids the two “real” bedrooms. The smaller space didn’t stop Shavonda from making bold choices with their decor—nor did it turn them into a family of minimalists. “Just because

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