Movie theaters are still closed, but you can watch these new flicks at home

Movie theaters are still mostly shuttered. A handful of cinemas in places like Texas and Georgia are trying out socially-distanced moviegoing as states reopen. But it’s hard to imagine people flocking to spend a couple hours in a confined space shared with strangers anytime soon.

Plus, it’s not like theaters have any new movies to screen. When the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe, studios postponed their major releases or otherwise pushed movies that’d normally be in theaters right now straight to premium video-on-demand.

Universal Pictures led the charge in mid-March, making new releases like The Invisible Man available as at-home rentals for $20 a pop. This proved to be a pretty fruitful quarantine business strategy; Universal’s Trolls World Tour, which bypassed theaters altogether and went straight to PVOD in early April, raked in an estimated $100 million in its first three weeks.

Now, AMC Theaters

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